Anyone can become a Skunk, it's easy..
Black Skunk

Get yourself a Skunk suit, let some eggs go out of date and fester for a while in the sun, learn how to DJ, then learn how to produce music and get yourself a gig. Ha!. You need not do all this, you just need to get in contact with us and we'll do the rest. You would receive monthly updates that relate specifically to the whereabouts of the stenchy little fellow.

These would include website updates like; new music, new DJ mixes, new events, Skunk spotting - that kind of thing. You may want to get involved, submit a mix, come and play a set, you might just want to send an email, either way feel free to click on of the options below to become a Skunk. We won't share your details with anyone, not even if they squeeze us really tightly and try to remove our claws.

Email the skunk.. Click here to contact Twisted Skunk..
Black Skunk Red Eye

Or you could of course join the mailing list, we would only contact you if we felt it paramount to do so, mainly for the reasons listed above in the become a Skunk bit of blurb. As I say we won't share your details with anyone else.

We, the Skunk and I, look forward to hearing from..